custom elastic hair ties

Custom Elastic Hair Ties For You

Are you looking for fun, comfortable, fashionable hair ties? Tired of dealing with discomfort from hair pulling or bunching? With our great line of products at Georgia Dragonfly, you can have the best of both worlds. Comfort and style! Our exciting line of custom elastic hair ties will have you prepared for any occasion. Whether it’s for your favorite team, a fun holiday party, or a big event item like a bridesmaid gift, we’ve got the perfect hair ties and headbands for you. Each order is custom made just for you, with the same attention to quality, proper fit, and durable comfort applied to each piece. After lots of hands on testing, we feel like we’ve arrived at the perfect blend of comfortable materials that can be beautiful while also standing up to rigorous activity.

Designed to be functional and practical for any situation, from a hard workout at the gym, to a cute addition to any party outfit, Georgia Dragonfly products are made with materials that won’t slip and cause discomfort by tugging or pulling on your hair. Also, we encourage you to take a detailed measurement and include that with your order so that you can truly feel comfortable all day. Of course we don’t want to leave out the fashion component here. Our custom elastic hair ties are available in many patterns and prints. We’re constantly updating the inventory and product offerings on our site. Contact us anytime and visit our website to see the latest, and read on to learn more about our custom designs.

 custom elastic hair ties

Custom Elastic Hair Ties For Any Occasion


Headed out for a fun night out on the town, or just a trip to the gym after work? Maybe it’s a Saturday morning and you’re going to the big game or a backyard party? Whatever the occasion, you’ll find inspiration and lots of fun options in our custom elastic hair ties. Drawing on personal experience and feedback from our valued clients, Georgia Dragonfly is constantly creating new patterns and designs to fit your needs. Remember that we’re always happy to work with our customers on custom orders for a big event or upcoming party. From wedding parties to sports teams, we’ll provide that extra accessory that pulls it all together, and keeps that hair under control too!

We’ve heard from so many of our customers how difficult it can be to find a good fit and feel with hair ties and headbands. That was one of our biggest motivations for starting the company, and after much experimenting with different elastics and fabrics, we think you’ll really appreciate the comfort and fit of our products. So whether you’re treating yourself, or shopping for family or friends, it’s always a great time to buy our hair tie products. Check our site for frequent seasonal and holiday themed additions, and get your fabulous custom elastic hair ties at Georgia Dragonfly today!

custom printed non-slip headbands

Custom Printed Non-Slip Headbands are Here

Finding a headband that can be both fashionable and stand up to an active lifestyle is easier said than done. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, Georgia Dragonfly has the perfect products for you! One of the new products we’re most excited about are our custom printed non-slip headbands. With these headbands, you get the same great comfortable, durable design as our other products, but also have the option to customize designs. Maybe you have a girl that plays on a team at school? Give her and her teammates a boost in team spirit with matching team logo/color bands. We can even personalize each band with individual names! Perhaps you’ve got a wedding party and are looking for a fun group gift? We can work with you to choose the perfect pattern and color combination.

With Georgia Dragonfly, you’ll find the comfort and style so often missing in headbands and hair ties. All of our items are custom made, with quality materials carefully tested and chosen to provide a non-slip, secure feeling throughout your day. We’ve also designed our headbands to stay put while still being gentle on your hair. No pulling or tangling, and with each band custom made based on your head measurement, the fit will be great! While we’re excited about our new custom printed non-slip headbands, remember that we have plenty of other headband patterns to choose from, as well as our elastic hair ties. Read on to learn more about our variety of colors and styles, and what makes our fit and feel so comfortable.

custom printed non-slip headbands


Custom Printed Non-Slip Headbands: Look Good, Feel Good!


With the custom printed non-slip headbands available at Georgia Dragonfly, you can show your personality and style no matter what the occasion. Whether you’re hitting the gym, hiking out on the trail, working at the office, or going out for a night on the town, our headbands and hair ties make the ideal accessory. Don’t be limited to the selection you’ll find at big chain stores when you can find so many fun and customizable options on our site. We are committed to providing not only a large variety, but also the best quality hair accessories you’ll find anywhere. Go with something fun and different, like our animal prints, or choose from other designs like polka dots, chevrons, and more. Be a true fan with a headband for your favorite school or professional team.

We produce 2 types of custom printed non-slip headbands to match your needs and lifestyle. Choose from the all elastic style, perfect for a more active wearer who wants to keep hair back no matter how strenuous the workout. Or, check out the ribbon non-slip headbands, more comfortable for all day wear and still up to the task for lighter workouts. Visit Georgia Dragonfly online to see galleries of our full line of products, and let’s get started on your custom order today!

custom hair ties

Custom Hair Ties For All Occasions

Say the big game is coming up and you want to show that school spirit as much as you can. Why not accessorize with our fun line of custom hair ties here at Georgia Dragonfly. Whether it’s for your favorite team, a fun holiday party, or a big event item like a bridesmaid gift, we’ve got the perfect hairt ties and headbands for you. All of our items are custom made for you, with a focus on quality, proper fit, and comfort. We strive to make our products functional and practical for any situation, from a hard workout at the gym, to a cute addition to any party outfit. Georgia Dragonfly always uses materials that won’t slip and cause discomfort by tugging or pulling on your hair. Plus, with every order, we encourage a detailed measurement to ensure for proper fit so that you can truly feel comfortable all day.

Of course, while quality materials and a proper fit are very important, equally as important is the style and fashion statement you’ll be making with our custom hair ties. We have a huge variety of patterns and prints to choose from, and are always happy to work with our customers on custom orders for a big event or upcoming party. Lots of people even tell us they sometimes remove the hair ties and wear them as a bracelet around the wrist! That’s certainly more than the average hair tie or headband can claim! We’re constantly updating the inventory and product offerings on our site. Contact us anytime and visit our website to see the latest! Here are just a few of the most popular items.

custom hair ties

Every Outfit Could Use Our Custom Hair Ties


Whether it’s a night out on the town, a backyard football party, or an everyday trip to the gym, you’ll find that our custom hair ties are great for any occasion. The inspiration for all of our products at Georgia Dragonfly comes from the personal experience and feedback of friends and clients, so don’t be scared to inquire about custom orders. So many women seem to have trouble finding hair ties and headbands that will stay on during strenuous activity, or even basic everyday life. That’s why, after lots of experimenting with different elastics and fabrics, we think you’ll really appreciate the comfort and fit of our products. Lots of our customers rave about forgetting they even have the hair ties on during the day. They also love all the fun patterns and styles we offer.

Treat yourself, or buy something for your friends and family. Guys, these hair ties make for a perfect and affordable gift any time of year! Choose from custom colors, patterns like polka dots or chevron, team colors, and holiday themes. We’ll even personalize for wedding and bridal parties. Give the gift of comfort and style to yourself or your loved ones with the fabulous custom hair ties at Georgia Dragonfly. Come see us online today, and let’s get started on your order now!

custom printed hair ties

Custom Printed Hair Ties

Looking for custom printed hair ties to match any occasion? From workouts to parties to holidays and even weddings, we have the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle. Welcome to Georgia Dragonfly, where our hair ties and headbands are always custom made for you. We focus on providing stylish options that are both attractive and practical. Our products are made from materials that will not slip and can stand up to the most intense workouts, but always with your style and fashion sense in mind. With our custom printed hair ties, you’ll also be able to wear the product around your wrist as a bracelet. How many hair ties can claim that? You’ll always be at the ready when you need the hair tie, and if not, you’ll look great wearing it as a bracelet.

Beyond style and comfort, we love offering custom printed designs that can suit almost any occasion or season. Our inventory and selection is always growing, and we’re happy to try and accommodate special requests and orders. Contact us anytime and we’ll do our best to make it happen! Read on to hear about some of our many available styles and some great ideas for gift giving in this holiday season.

custom printed hair ties

Endless Possibilities with our Custom Printed Hair Ties


Whether you’re treating yourself, buying for a spouse or girlfriend, or looking for a fun group present, there are plenty of exciting possibilities with the custom printed hair ties at Georgia Dragonfly. Here are just a few ideas for where our hair ties would fit just right. Match any party theme with our large selection of custom colors, such as gender reveal blue or pink, or matching accents for a bridal party. Gear up for the big game with custom school colors and patterns. With the style and quality of our designs, you can keep showing that team pride even in a more formal setting. Besides matching bridal party colors, take it a step further and get your custom printed hair ties personalized for bridesmaids and moms. A great reminder of that wonderful day that will stay with everyone for years to come!

Of course with the holiday season upon us, these little beauties make a great stocking stuffer or small gift for all the women in your life. Whatever color or design you choose, you can always be sure that the quality will be lasting and the style will look great. We use soft, wide elastic to minimize hair damage and creasing, and we walk you through sizing recommendations to ensure a snug fit. So come see Georgia Dragonfly online to browse colors and styles, and let’s get working on your custom order today!

UGA headband

Your UGA Headband Headquarters!

Hey Bulldog Nation, we know you’re always looking for ways to show your team spirit and show off your red and black. Why not show off your school pride while you’re working out at the gym or headed out for a jog? With the high quality, custom made non-slip headbands from Georgia Dragonfly, you can do just that by sporting a stylish UGA headband.  All elastic, custom made, and using materials specifically chosen to minimize slippage while also being gentle and not pulling on your hair, you’ll love these products. Not only can you display your Bulldog pride with these great headbands, but you also get a tested, effective solution to the pesky problem of keeping hair out of your face.

Whether you’re hitting the gym for some weight training or scaling a rock face out in the wilderness, we all know how annoying it can be having to constantly brush aside sweaty hair during your workout. With a custom made UGA headband from Georgia Dragonfly, you’ll get a snug fit that stays in place and stands up to the toughest sessions. We’ve got a great selection of styles to choose from, and sizes for kids and adults alike, so you’ll be ready for the whole family to show that Bulldog spirit! Keep reading to learn about some of our great designs in UGA colors and beyond.

UGA headband

Get Your UGA Headband, and Check Out the Full Collection Too!


First things first, it’s all about getting a good fit with your UGA headband. Proper sizing and care are essential to getting the most out of our non-slip headbands. Georgia Dragonfly recommends that you measure carefully prior to ordering, and also take into account your hair type. Once you’ve got a good head measurement, it’s time to browse our great selection. For a UGA headband, we have many patterns to choose from, including chevron, damask, glitter and frosted glitter. We’ve also got paw prints, polka dots, swirls, or solid colors. Of course, black and red are the preferred colors, but we also have designs that incorporate silver and white. Plus, beyond non-slip headbands, we also offer ribbon headbands and hair ties, or get a matching set of multiple styles.

Whatever your personal style preference, there’s something for every Dawg here at Georgia Dragonfly. While it’s never a bad idea to show your school spirit, remember that we also offer many other designs and styles for headbands and hair ties. From animal prints to specialty holiday items to socially conscious offerings such as our non-profit breast cancer awareness line, you can always count on the same level of quality and custom fit perfection. So come visit Georgia Dragonfly online to see our full product line, browse pictures, and make your shopping experience quick and easy.

non-slip headbands

Non-Slip Headbands You’ll Love

Have you been looking for non-slip headbands that can withstand the heat of your most intense workouts? Ready to feel the burn without having to contend with hair in your face? Welcome to Georgia Dragonfly, your source for comfortable, durable headbands and hair ties! Our all elastic, non-slip headbands are all custom made, with materials designed to keep the band from slipping while also being gentle on your hair and not pulling. Whether you’re jogging, hiking, doing yoga, or maybe even just cleaning around the house, nothing is worse than having to constantly brush aside sweaty hair. With our fantastic selection of headbands, you can finally count on a well-fitted feel that not only stays put, but looks good doing so! Plus, we’ve put our bands to the test with kids and adults alike, so the whole family can find something they’ll love and hit the trail together. Learn more about our great variety of styles and what makes for a perfect feel and fit below.

non-slip headbands

Custom Non-Slip Headbands: Fashionable and Functional


With the wide variety of non-slip headbands available at Georgia Dragonfly, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your style. Most importantly, all of our products are custom made to ensure a snug fit that can withstand even the most intense workout sessions. Where regular headbands fail, ours get the job done thanks to a soft yet gripping velvet lining. This creates the ideal amount of friction to keep the band in place without resulting in the painful pulling that can occur with rubber or plastic alternatives. Also, by providing a head measurement with your order, you can help guarantee that the fit will be just right for you. Besides sizing, make sure you get the right fit for your personal style too. Choose from exciting options like animal prints, tie-dyes, polka dots, chevrons, and many other fun patterns. Show your spirit with lots of different school and professional teams to choose from, or get into the season with different holiday and accessory options. Whatever you pick, know that you’ll get the same level of quality and staying power from all of our non-slip headbands. Visit Georgia Dragonfly online to see more pictures and browse all available colors, and order yours today!

Clemson Non-Slip Headbands – Undefeated Headbands for the Undefeated Team

Clemson Logo

Clemson Non-Slip Headbands – Undefeated Headbands for the Undefeated Team

I know here in the south team pride, especially during football season, is huge and everyone is always wanting to show support for their team. Well, Georgia Dragonfly is here to help you show off your team colors & school pride with fabulous elastic hair ties and non-slip headbands. I offer many school branded elastics and if I don’t have what you are looking for I’ll be able to match up to your school colors. All products are handmade in Georgia.

Take Clemson for instance, since they are undefeated and number 1 in the country right now. They have their own page where you can easily order Clemson elastic hair ties and Clemson non-slip headbands in a variety of colors and patterns. Whether you want orange, purple, tiger print, tiger paws or I have Clemson Tiger branded elastic along with a new orange ribbon with white paws. Everything you are looking for in one place.

Clemson Tiger Paws Clemson Orange Dots 2 Clemson Orange Dots

They are a wonderful addition to any active persons accessory collection. All non-slip headbands are made of a soft elastic or half and half with ribbon and then lined with velvet to give them the non-slip feature. Non-slip headbands are intended to be worn to the front, quarter part of the head, so gravity doesn’t steal them from you. There are no plastic or rubber parts to pull on, or snag your hair. They are perfect for all ages and all hair types. All non-slip headbands come in 3 sizes, so if you are uncertain about size, measure your head and check out the sizing page to be sure. Feel free to contact me with any questions or discounts on bulk orders of large quantities.

Elastic Hair Ties make wonderful gifts! Kelly was planning a girls weekend to watch their favorite team in Clemson, SC. She outfitted all her girls with these Clemson elastic hair ties, so they were ready for game day to cheer on the Clemson Tigers.

Clemson Hair Ties

Thing 1 & 2 Couldn’t Ruin This Shower

I made it to 38 without ever throwing a shower of any sort & recently the time came, I had to pony up for one of my dear friends, Rebekah. What’s funny is it was actually my husband’s idea and then he conveniently had a guy’s trip the weekend of the shower. No worries I can handle this! Thank goodness for my best friend Stacy, couldn’t have done it without her. I enjoy throwing parties & especially theme parties, so I’m not real sure why I’ve never been the chosen one for showers. Guess someone always beats me to the punch.

Since Pinterest is also one of my best friends the ideas were overwhelming, but one thing stood out, Dr. Seuss. There are so many directions to go with it & I think we hit them all. We had green eggs & ham, Dr. Seuss themed cupcakes, Cat in the Hat hats alternating strawberries & bananas and tomatoes & mozzarella, multi-colored goldfish plus a few other items thrown in to fill everyone up. We had a Cat in the Hat themed diaper cake that was just adorable. And I, of course, had to add my Georgia Dragonfly touch to the party in the form of party favors. Here are some photos from the party & of what I put together. As I always say, the possibilities are endless. This was fun because I could use an array of colors. They were such a big hit, that the poor mom-to-be didn’t even get one. Luckily, more can always be made.

I can’t wait for her little girl to be born & start growing hair so I can help add finishing touches with elastic hair ties, headbands & hair bows. Little girls are so fun!!

Public Debut times two for Georgia Dragonfly

It’s finally time to take this little project of mine out into the public and I couldn’t be more excited.  Thanks to my mother Georgia Dragonfly products will be in 2 cities today!  Custom sets of elastic hair ties, headbands and bows, in school colors, are available at the St. James Catholic School fall festival today in Savannah.

St. James Custom Sets

St. James Custom Sets

As for me here in Kennesaw, I’ll be live, in person, at  Howl in the Park at Pitner Road Dog Park.  I figured I’d small to test my set up & see how it goes.  Preparing for Howl in the Park has been a big change, yet fun.  I mainly produce on demand when orders are placed, since everything is custom & made the way you want it, but for this I had to start making a bunch of samples, to have product to show off & sell.  Wow what an undertaking!  My wonderful husband Kyle has been there helping me all week cracking his slave labor & union labor jokes.  As I told him “this ain’t no union shop, we don’t get breaks!”  Here are some photos of everything starting to come together.  I will add more later, once all is set up at the park.  Please come out & join us from 11 -3!  There will be a doggie costume contest, free fudge to the first 25 people who buy a BBQ plate, door prizes, silent auction items & fun for the kids.  I will be auctioning off a dog water bottle filled with a sampling of my elastic hair ties, headbands & hair bows.  Hope to see you there!

How a 7 Year Old Changed Me

I cannot tell a lie, I was not fond of making the hair bows I had advertised last week.  I saw them, wanted to try making them, put it on Facebook & BOOM! an old school friend wanted 6 custom hair bows for her 7 year old daughter.  Awesome! I thought.  I’ll get the ribbon needed & knock these puppies out.  Well not that easy.  They involve many more steps than an elastic hair tie or a headband.  I figured while I was doing it why not make a bunch.  16 bows later I was regretting my choices.  That is until I drove over to their house on Sunday.  Brooke, Terri’s daughter, came to the door with her long, blonde, curly hair  & I thought, yep this girl needs a bow.  I pulled them out of my bag & her face lit up with pure joy & happiness at receiving these custom bows.  Definitely a priceless moment for me.  I was a changed woman.  That look was worth every step involved in making those bows.  I couldn’t have imagined a better reaction.

We sat down at the dining room table, so her mom & I could chit chat. We hadn’t seen each other in probably 15 years, since life at Georgia Southern.  Brooke continued to show her excitement for this string of bows I had brought.

Brooke & 7 bows

She then brought out all the elastic hair ties & headbands they had already purchased.  I loved seeing this reaction to a product I had made & believe in.  The next thing I heard was music to my ears.  Terri told me Brooke didn’t like having ponytail holders put in her hair, but now she loves these soft, elastic hair ties.  Brook then perks up, “yea mom don’t put those other ponytail holders in my hair anymore, only these.”  MADE MY DAY!!   I agree with Brooke, I only use Georgia Dragonfly elastic hair ties.

You’ll notice she has 7 bows in the picture above.  I had to give her a signature dragonfly bow when she was counting out the days of the week & came up one short.  She then asked if I could make a bow out of the ribbon I had pinned them all on.  This is one little girl, who loves girly stuff.  I LOVE IT!!

Here’s Brook sporting her pink bow

Brooke in Pink Bow


Brooke will be showing her Georgia Bulldog pride this weekend with her red bow clipped to her black headband at the game against Mizzou.  GO DAWGS!!