The Ideal Non-Slip Headband

Looking for a non-slip headband  that will stand up to intense workouts and other physical activity? Tired of having to constantly brush hair out of your face when you’re jogging or hiking? Here at Georgia Dragonfly, we strive to solve your headband problems by consistently creating comfortable, durable headbands and hair ties! With our all-elastic, non-slip headband, you’ll get a custom made and fitted product, designed to stay put without uncomfortably tugging or pulling on hair. Get comfortable hair control for any activity, from jogging to yoga, or even just cleaning around the house.

With a constantly updated, exciting selection of headbands, you’ll not only get comfort, but , with materials designed to keep the band from slipping while also being gentle on your hair and not pulling. Whether you’re jogging, hiking, doing yoga, or maybe even just cleaning around the house, our products will keep that sweaty hair at bay. You’ll also love how you look, as we design every hair tie and headband with a sense of style, making it a great accessory even when you’re not working out. For kids, adults, friends and family, these bands make a great gift, and can be customized for all types of occasions. Learn more about our various styles and what makes for a perfect feel and fit below.

non-slip headband

Get a Non-Slip Headband You Love!


One of the great things about getting a non-slip headband from Georgia Dragonfly is the wide variety of styles we offer. With many patterns, colors, and seasonal fun choices, you’ll surely find a match that suits your style. No matter which pattern you select, know that each product is lovingly made with the same quality materials and attention to a proper fit. With a soft velvet lining that ensures comfort while still gripping, your hair stays put and you stay comfortable.

When ordering, make sure to include an accurate head measurement, which helps us guarantee proper fit. Along with sizing, you’ll have a choice between many exciting prints and patterns, from  animal prints and tie-dyes, to polka dots and chevrons. Customize colors to show your spirit for your favorite sports team, or get custom embroidery for matching team bands. Bridesmaids love our products too! Whatever non-slip headband you select, know that you’re getting a quality, custom made product. Come visit Georgia Dragonfly online to see more pictures and browse all available colors, and let’s get started on an order today!

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