Diana & Kyle 420

Welcome to Georgia Dragonfly! I have never fancied myself as an entrepreneur, ask my husband, I told him 2 weeks before I started this business “I’m not the entrepreneurial type.” 🙂 But then something clicked in my head & I had an idea. In talking to friends about elastic hair ties one day they commented how expensive they were in boutiques.

Personally I have never bought any elastic hair ties before I started making my own & still haven’t. I bought my first few colors of elastic about 9 months before I started Georgia Dragonfly. I made a few elastic hair ties for family and friends, making various sizes, trying to see what size worked for different hair types & thicknesses.

I then had the idea to start making elastic hair tie sets to match school colors since we are a BIG college football family, as are most of our friends, & the 2013 season was fast approaching. I started out with colors for Georgia, Georgia Southern, Alabama, Clemson, LSU & Auburn.

I was also making a regular headband, which I do still carry, but discovered they won’t stay on everyone’s head.  I have learned a lot about head shapes & sizes through this process. I started thinking about rock climbing, that I’ve never bought a headband that didn’t slide off while climbing, so I started looking for inspiration. I came across instructions to make a non-slip headband.

I tried the method mentioned & it only held up for one use. I tried different glues & various sizes to decide on what I now call Summit Bands. My hand made non-slip headbands are different than all others on the market and can be customized just for you. You will love them once you try them!