custom hair ties

Custom Hair Ties For All Occasions

Say the big game is coming up and you want to show that school spirit as much as you can. Why not accessorize with our fun line of custom hair ties here at Georgia Dragonfly. Whether it’s for your favorite team, a fun holiday party, or a big event item like a bridesmaid gift, we’ve got the perfect hairt ties and headbands for you. All of our items are custom made for you, with a focus on quality, proper fit, and comfort. We strive to make our products functional and practical for any situation, from a hard workout at the gym, to a cute addition to any party outfit. Georgia Dragonfly always uses materials that won’t slip and cause discomfort by tugging or pulling on your hair. Plus, with every order, we encourage a detailed measurement to ensure for proper fit so that you can truly feel comfortable all day.

Of course, while quality materials and a proper fit are very important, equally as important is the style and fashion statement you’ll be making with our custom hair ties. We have a huge variety of patterns and prints to choose from, and are always happy to work with our customers on custom orders for a big event or upcoming party. Lots of people even tell us they sometimes remove the hair ties and wear them as a bracelet around the wrist! That’s certainly more than the average hair tie or headband can claim! We’re constantly updating the inventory and product offerings on our site. Contact us anytime and visit our website to see the latest! Here are just a few of the most popular items.

custom hair ties

Every Outfit Could Use Our Custom Hair Ties


Whether it’s a night out on the town, a backyard football party, or an everyday trip to the gym, you’ll find that our custom hair ties are great for any occasion. The inspiration for all of our products at Georgia Dragonfly comes from the personal experience and feedback of friends and clients, so don’t be scared to inquire about custom orders. So many women seem to have trouble finding hair ties and headbands that will stay on during strenuous activity, or even basic everyday life. That’s why, after lots of experimenting with different elastics and fabrics, we think you’ll really appreciate the comfort and fit of our products. Lots of our customers rave about forgetting they even have the hair ties on during the day. They also love all the fun patterns and styles we offer.

Treat yourself, or buy something for your friends and family. Guys, these hair ties make for a perfect and affordable gift any time of year! Choose from custom colors, patterns like polka dots or chevron, team colors, and holiday themes. We’ll even personalize for wedding and bridal parties. Give the gift of comfort and style to yourself or your loved ones with the fabulous custom hair ties at Georgia Dragonfly. Come see us online today, and let’s get started on your order now!