custom elastic hair ties

Custom Elastic Hair Ties For You

Are you looking for fun, comfortable, fashionable hair ties? Tired of dealing with discomfort from hair pulling or bunching? With our great line of products at Georgia Dragonfly, you can have the best of both worlds. Comfort and style! Our exciting line of custom elastic hair ties will have you prepared for any occasion. Whether it’s for your favorite team, a fun holiday party, or a big event item like a bridesmaid gift, we’ve got the perfect hair ties and headbands for you. Each order is custom made just for you, with the same attention to quality, proper fit, and durable comfort applied to each piece. After lots of hands on testing, we feel like we’ve arrived at the perfect blend of comfortable materials that can be beautiful while also standing up to rigorous activity.

Designed to be functional and practical for any situation, from a hard workout at the gym, to a cute addition to any party outfit, Georgia Dragonfly products are made with materials that won’t slip and cause discomfort by tugging or pulling on your hair. Also, we encourage you to take a detailed measurement and include that with your order so that you can truly feel comfortable all day. Of course we don’t want to leave out the fashion component here. Our custom elastic hair ties are available in many patterns and prints. We’re constantly updating the inventory and product offerings on our site. Contact us anytime and visit our website to see the latest, and read on to learn more about our custom designs.

 custom elastic hair ties

Custom Elastic Hair Ties For Any Occasion


Headed out for a fun night out on the town, or just a trip to the gym after work? Maybe it’s a Saturday morning and you’re going to the big game or a backyard party? Whatever the occasion, you’ll find inspiration and lots of fun options in our custom elastic hair ties. Drawing on personal experience and feedback from our valued clients, Georgia Dragonfly is constantly creating new patterns and designs to fit your needs. Remember that we’re always happy to work with our customers on custom orders for a big event or upcoming party. From wedding parties to sports teams, we’ll provide that extra accessory that pulls it all together, and keeps that hair under control too!

We’ve heard from so many of our customers how difficult it can be to find a good fit and feel with hair ties and headbands. That was one of our biggest motivations for starting the company, and after much experimenting with different elastics and fabrics, we think you’ll really appreciate the comfort and fit of our products. So whether you’re treating yourself, or shopping for family or friends, it’s always a great time to buy our hair tie products. Check our site for frequent seasonal and holiday themed additions, and get your fabulous custom elastic hair ties at Georgia Dragonfly today!