custom elastic ties

Custom Elastic Ties Will Fit Just Right

Have you been looking for custom elastic ties that deliver on the promise of comfort and style? Maybe you’re looking for some custom colors and patterns for the fall season, or you’re just trying to find a way to sport your own style at the gym. Whatever your reason, the top quality products at Georgia Dragonfly are here and guaranteed to provide a comfortable feel. Every order is custom made for our clients with the same attention to quality, proper fit, and carefully selected materials. We encourage you to take head measurements, especially for non-slip headbands, but otherwise you have three sizes to choose from to ensure a comfortable fit.

We make our custom elastic ties to be stylish and functional for any situation. Whether it’s a hard workout at the gym, cleaning around the house, or a fun accessory for a night out, you’ll find our products are great for any occasion. Nobody likes having to constantly brush away hair and sweat, but with so many hairbands and ties, you have to deal with pulling and other discomfort. At Georgia Dragonfly, we’ve done our research and found the ideal materials to prevent slipping and discomfort.   You’ll feel the difference when you wear our products. But besides comfort, let’s talk about style and the great choices we offer for customization.

custom elastic ties

Custom Elastic Ties For Any Occasion


Besides comfort and feel, why not also enjoy the look and style of your custom elastic ties. Browse our online store to see our wide variety of prints and patterns for starters. You’ll find fun and exciting options for supporting your favorite team, getting in the holiday spirit, or just some simple color and pattern choices. Some customers even tell us that they’ll take hair ties and wear them as bracelets. We’re always updating the inventory for the latest season, adding new team designs, and taking part in special fundraising campaigns.  Contact us anytime and visit our website to see the latest!

We started with simple inspiration based on personal experience with uncomfortable and ineffective headband products. That’s why at Georgia Dragonfly, we’re very open to feedback from our friends and clients. We spent lots of time finding the best materials to create custom elastic ties that not only don’t slip and control hair, but look good doing it! We tried many different elastics and fabrics, and we’re confident that you’ll approve of the feel and comfort our products offer.

So whether you’re shopping for yourself, or friends and family, now is a great time to try Georgia Dragonfly hair ties and bands. You can even get personalized versions for your team, wedding, or bridal party. You and your friends will love the feel, fit, and look of our customized designs. Come see us online, and let us get started on your order now!