Pigtails for a 4 Year Old

Today was the day to test out the child size elastic hair ties.  I wanted to make sure I had all of my measurements correct since everyone’s hair can vary so much in thickness and texture.  One of my good friends, Kelly, had ordered multiple hair ties for her daughter, Whitney, & herself.  She had specifically asked for 2 of each pattern to be used for pigtails.  Knowing Whitney’s hair is just getting to the point where it can go into pigtails I was curious how my hair ties would work & if they would hold in place.  Well after a little struggling from mom & myself we pinned her down & were able to form 2 pigtails.  We discovered because her hair is thinner & then splitting it into two, the child size needed to be wrapped around 4 times versus the standard 3.  We had her jump & run around, which didn’t take much encouragement, to see how they held up.  They worked GREAT!!!  Then it was time for me to take a photo.  Being still is not her strong suit :).  After about 10 or so photos, here are her cutie patootie pigtails in White with Pink Polka Dots.

Whit's pigtails

We found it best to keep the knot as your lead, the piece that is always moving, so it doesn’t get tucked under the other wraps.  It will then end up on top.

For being such a good model she will be receiving this Pink Frosted Glitter Headband as a gift.

Pink Frosted Glitter Elastic Headband

Maybe I can go back & get a photo of the Pumpkin hair ties in her hair when she is asleep…