Thing 1 & 2 Couldn’t Ruin This Shower

I made it to 38 without ever throwing a shower of any sort & recently the time came, I had to pony up for one of my dear friends, Rebekah. What’s funny is it was actually my husband’s idea and then he conveniently had a guy’s trip the weekend of the shower. No worries I can handle this! Thank goodness for my best friend Stacy, couldn’t have done it without her. I enjoy throwing parties & especially theme parties, so I’m not real sure why I’ve never been the chosen one for showers. Guess someone always beats me to the punch.

Since Pinterest is also one of my best friends the ideas were overwhelming, but one thing stood out, Dr. Seuss. There are so many directions to go with it & I think we hit them all. We had green eggs & ham, Dr. Seuss themed cupcakes, Cat in the Hat hats alternating strawberries & bananas and tomatoes & mozzarella, multi-colored goldfish plus a few other items thrown in to fill everyone up. We had a Cat in the Hat themed diaper cake that was just adorable. And I, of course, had to add my Georgia Dragonfly touch to the party in the form of party favors. Here are some photos from the party & of what I put together. As I always say, the possibilities are endless. This was fun because I could use an array of colors. They were such a big hit, that the poor mom-to-be didn’t even get one. Luckily, more can always be made.

I can’t wait for her little girl to be born & start growing hair so I can help add finishing touches with elastic hair ties, headbands & hair bows. Little girls are so fun!!

Public Debut times two for Georgia Dragonfly

It’s finally time to take this little project of mine out into the public and I couldn’t be more excited.  Thanks to my mother Georgia Dragonfly products will be in 2 cities today!  Custom sets of elastic hair ties, headbands and bows, in school colors, are available at the St. James Catholic School fall festival today in Savannah.

St. James Custom Sets

St. James Custom Sets

As for me here in Kennesaw, I’ll be live, in person, at  Howl in the Park at Pitner Road Dog Park.  I figured I’d small to test my set up & see how it goes.  Preparing for Howl in the Park has been a big change, yet fun.  I mainly produce on demand when orders are placed, since everything is custom & made the way you want it, but for this I had to start making a bunch of samples, to have product to show off & sell.  Wow what an undertaking!  My wonderful husband Kyle has been there helping me all week cracking his slave labor & union labor jokes.  As I told him “this ain’t no union shop, we don’t get breaks!”  Here are some photos of everything starting to come together.  I will add more later, once all is set up at the park.  Please come out & join us from 11 -3!  There will be a doggie costume contest, free fudge to the first 25 people who buy a BBQ plate, door prizes, silent auction items & fun for the kids.  I will be auctioning off a dog water bottle filled with a sampling of my elastic hair ties, headbands & hair bows.  Hope to see you there!

How a 7 Year Old Changed Me

I cannot tell a lie, I was not fond of making the hair bows I had advertised last week.  I saw them, wanted to try making them, put it on Facebook & BOOM! an old school friend wanted 6 custom hair bows for her 7 year old daughter.  Awesome! I thought.  I’ll get the ribbon needed & knock these puppies out.  Well not that easy.  They involve many more steps than an elastic hair tie or a headband.  I figured while I was doing it why not make a bunch.  16 bows later I was regretting my choices.  That is until I drove over to their house on Sunday.  Brooke, Terri’s daughter, came to the door with her long, blonde, curly hair  & I thought, yep this girl needs a bow.  I pulled them out of my bag & her face lit up with pure joy & happiness at receiving these custom bows.  Definitely a priceless moment for me.  I was a changed woman.  That look was worth every step involved in making those bows.  I couldn’t have imagined a better reaction.

We sat down at the dining room table, so her mom & I could chit chat. We hadn’t seen each other in probably 15 years, since life at Georgia Southern.  Brooke continued to show her excitement for this string of bows I had brought.

Brooke & 7 bows

She then brought out all the elastic hair ties & headbands they had already purchased.  I loved seeing this reaction to a product I had made & believe in.  The next thing I heard was music to my ears.  Terri told me Brooke didn’t like having ponytail holders put in her hair, but now she loves these soft, elastic hair ties.  Brook then perks up, “yea mom don’t put those other ponytail holders in my hair anymore, only these.”  MADE MY DAY!!   I agree with Brooke, I only use Georgia Dragonfly elastic hair ties.

You’ll notice she has 7 bows in the picture above.  I had to give her a signature dragonfly bow when she was counting out the days of the week & came up one short.  She then asked if I could make a bow out of the ribbon I had pinned them all on.  This is one little girl, who loves girly stuff.  I LOVE IT!!

Here’s Brook sporting her pink bow

Brooke in Pink Bow


Brooke will be showing her Georgia Bulldog pride this weekend with her red bow clipped to her black headband at the game against Mizzou.  GO DAWGS!!

Pigtails for a 4 Year Old

Today was the day to test out the child size elastic hair ties.  I wanted to make sure I had all of my measurements correct since everyone’s hair can vary so much in thickness and texture.  One of my good friends, Kelly, had ordered multiple hair ties for her daughter, Whitney, & herself.  She had specifically asked for 2 of each pattern to be used for pigtails.  Knowing Whitney’s hair is just getting to the point where it can go into pigtails I was curious how my hair ties would work & if they would hold in place.  Well after a little struggling from mom & myself we pinned her down & were able to form 2 pigtails.  We discovered because her hair is thinner & then splitting it into two, the child size needed to be wrapped around 4 times versus the standard 3.  We had her jump & run around, which didn’t take much encouragement, to see how they held up.  They worked GREAT!!!  Then it was time for me to take a photo.  Being still is not her strong suit :).  After about 10 or so photos, here are her cutie patootie pigtails in White with Pink Polka Dots.

Whit's pigtails

We found it best to keep the knot as your lead, the piece that is always moving, so it doesn’t get tucked under the other wraps.  It will then end up on top.

For being such a good model she will be receiving this Pink Frosted Glitter Headband as a gift.

Pink Frosted Glitter Elastic Headband

Maybe I can go back & get a photo of the Pumpkin hair ties in her hair when she is asleep…