headbands for any occasion

Elastic Headbands For Any Occasion

When it comes to finding elastic headbands for any occasion and hair ties that will stand the test of hard workouts, it can be a challenge to find a good fit. Even more difficult is finding a headband that stays put and looks good doing it! At Georgia Dragonfly, our mission is to do just that. We take pride in creating fun, well-fitting headbands and hair ties for our clients. We started after our own frustration not finding comfortable or fashionable options when it comes to headbands. After lots of experimentation with a variety of materials and fabrics, we’ve created what we feel is the best combination of non-slip comfort and stylish looks.

All of our elastic headbands are made to order with our carefully selected materials, designed to keep your hair in place and never slip. Whether it’s a hard workout at the gym, chores at home, or hitting the trail and climbing, our products are made to last and keep you comfortable. Don’t worry about hair getting pulled or tangled, or dripping sweat in your face any longer. Not only are they comfortable, but thanks to a huge variety of colors and patterns, you can find headbands for any occasion. For kids and adults, friends and family, Georgia Dragonfly makes the perfect accessory. With a custom fit, quality materials, and great non-slip performance, you’ll see why our process is what makes for a perfect feel and fit.

headbands for any occasion

Headbands For Any Occasion


Georgia Dragonfly is proud to offer headbands for any occasion that not only feel great, but match your style too. While we focus on non-slip, high performance attributes, we also love that our products can be just as at home for a night on the town as they are in the gym. For every order, we ask our customers to provide a detailed head measurement which helps assure the ideal fit and comfort. We use a soft velvet lining that is perfect for staying put, but won’t ever pull or tug on hair like so many other plastic or rubber products on the market. While fit and feel are the top priority, we figure why not feel good about your headband style too? With our huge variety of patterns and styles, there’s something for everyone at Georgia Dragonfly.

Not only do we have elastic headbands for any occasion, we’re also happy to offer ribbon non-slip headbands too. The elastics come in an assortment of solid colors, patterns, and glitters, while the ribbons are available in many styles and prints. For an active lifestyle, choose our durable elastic products. The ribbons are great for lighter activity, but also for all day or night wear!  As we mentioned already, all of our items are custom made and tailored to fit your specific measurements. With styles ranging from animal prints and tie-dyes to polka dots and chevrons, you’re sure to find a color combination and look that works for you. Football season is over for now, but there are plenty of other sports we focus on too. Show off your team spirit with a custom headband printed with logos, or even just the team colors. You can even customize monogrammed lettering for a sports team or bridal party. No matter what you order, know that we always offer the top level of quality and comfortable durability with our products at Georgia Dragonfly. Visit us online to start shopping and place your order today!