Custom Non Slip Headbands

Custom Non Slip Headbands That Stay Put

There are lots of products out there that claim to be non-slip, but we know from experience that many headbands and hair ties just don’t live up to their promises. That’s why we were inspired to start Georgia Dragonfly in the first place. We’re here to tell you that our custom non-slip headbands will not only stay in place, but keep you comfortable and looking stylish at the same time!

We hear testimonials all the time from customers who love to stay active, and just can’t seem to find a headband that can keep up with them. Are you ready to try a product that can withstand the heat of your most intense workouts? Ready to feel the burn without having to contend with hair in your face? Here at Georgia Dragonfly, we strive to be your source for comfortable, durable headbands and hair ties! Our all elastic, custom non-slip headbands are made with materials designed to keep the band from slipping while also being gentle on your hair and not pulling. For everything from a light jog to intense mountain climbing, hiking to yoga, or maybe just chores and cleaning at home, it’s great to have a headband or hair tie that actually keeps your hair out of your face. Stop having to constantly brush aside sweaty hair and explore our fantastic selection of headbands today. You’ll find a huge variety of options that offer well-fitted feel that not only stays put, but looks good doing so! Plus, we’ve put our bands to the test with kids and adults alike, so the whole family can find something they’ll love and hit the trail together. Learn more about our great variety of styles and what makes for a perfect feel and fit below.

Custom Non Slip Headbands

Custom Non-Slip Headbands: Fashion and Function Working Together!


With our incredible selection of custom non-slip headbands at Georgia Dragonfly, we’re confident you’ll find a great match for your daily style, or any event or special occasion you’ve got coming up. Most importantly, all of our products are custom made to ensure a snug fit that can withstand even the most intense workout sessions. Where regular headbands fail, ours get the job done thanks to a soft yet gripping velvet lining. This creates the ideal amount of friction to keep the band in place without resulting in the painful pulling that can occur with rubber or plastic alternatives. We’ve heard testimonials from competitive gymnasts who swear by the non-slip powers of our products, even after a 4-hour practice session.

That brings us to a great example of how our custom non-slip headbands make for perfect group items too. Soccer, gymnastics, softball, basketball, whatever your team, why not order matching headbands for everyone on the team? You’ll be sure to find colors or patterns that match your team, and you can even get personalized initials for all the team members. Just make sure to provide a good head measurement with your order, which will help us guarantee that the fit will be just right for you. Choose from exciting options like animal prints, tie-dyes, polka dots, chevrons, and many other fun patterns. Show your spirit with lots of different school and professional teams to choose from, or get into the season with different holiday and accessory options. Whatever you pick, know that you’ll get the same level of quality and staying power from all of our non-slip headbands. Visit Georgia Dragonfly online to see more pictures and browse all available colors, and order yours today!