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Custom Headbands That Look Great

For many of us, it can be a real challenge to find hair ties and headbands that will stand up to strenuous work outs and outdoor activities. Even tougher is finding custom headbands that not only stay in place, but also look great for any occasion. It was our own frustration in trying to find […]

Custom Non Slip Headbands That Stay Put

There are lots of products out there that claim to be non-slip, but we know from experience that many headbands and hair ties just don’t live up to their promises. That’s why we were inspired to start Georgia Dragonfly in the first place. We’re here to tell you that our custom non-slip headbands will not […]

Elastic Hair Ties Make a Perfect Present

Have you been searching for elastic hair ties that are fashionable, fun, and comfortable too? It’s easier said than done, and we all know what it’s like to have hair ties that cause bunching, pulling, and don’t stand up to slippage during active workouts. Here at Georgia Dragonfly, we understand the struggle, and are excited […]

Custom Printed Elastic Hair Ties

Looking for custom printed elastic hair ties to match any occasion? From workouts to parties to holidays and even weddings, we have the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle. Welcome to Georgia Dragonfly, where our hair ties and headbands are always custom made for you. We focus on providing stylish options that are both […]

Elastic Headbands You’ll Love

When it comes to finding elastic headbands and hair ties that will stand up to tough workouts and an active lifestyle, it’s not always easy finding the right fit. Getting a headband that stays in place and looks great too? Now that’s really tough to do. Fortunately, here at Georgia Dragonfly, we’ve been creating fun, […]

Custom Elastic Ties Will Fit Just Right

Have you been looking for custom elastic ties that deliver on the promise of comfort and style? Maybe you’re looking for some custom colors and patterns for the fall season, or you’re just trying to find a way to sport your own style at the gym. Whatever your reason, the top quality products at Georgia […]

Custom Printed Headbands

It’s not easy to find a comfortable headband that can be stylish and stand up to the most strenuous workouts and physical activity. When it comes to custom printed headbands that fit and look great, you’ve come to the right place at Georgia Dragonfly. We strive to make products that surpass our customers’ expectations for […]

The Ideal Non-Slip Headband

Looking for a non-slip headband  that will stand up to intense workouts and other physical activity? Tired of having to constantly brush hair out of your face when you’re jogging or hiking? Here at Georgia Dragonfly, we strive to solve your headband problems by consistently creating comfortable, durable headbands and hair ties! With our all-elastic, […]

Custom Elastic Headbands That Look Great

For lots of us, finding hair ties and headbands that can stand up to strenuous work outs and outdoor activities is tough enough. Finding custom elastic headbands that not only stay in place, but look great too? That’s even harder. Fortunately, we’ve been there, and that’s why we started Georgia Dragonfly just 4 years ago. […]